Application Systems is a new, free to use application system that allows people to create and manage applications on the fly!

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About AppSystems

Application Systems is a new, free to use application system that allows people to create and manage applications on the fly!

From small new up-coming communities to large operational communities, the functionality of Application Systems will change the way you receive applications from your members and ease your workflow. Our systems allow you to make sure there is always good communication in your team, see who is processing what application, manage your team however you want and provide a clear and easy to use system for both your staff and applicants alike.

If you're a community that has special requirements, contact our support team who will gladly assist you at [email protected]

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Complete Forms Easily

For applicants, making applications couldn't be easier! With a clear and easy to use layout, applicants will find the system flawless and super simple to use.

Not only that, AppSystems comes with advanced discord intergrational features that allow for updates on an application to go straight to the applicants Discord DM's.

Review applications with live chat

Throw away Google Forms or whatever the Microsoft one is and use AppSystems to manage your applications. With AppSystems, you can do so much when reviewing applications.

From a reviewer-only live chat to advanced application management, AppSystems has everything your community will need to start accepting applications effectively!

Are you enjoying AppSystems?

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Are you enjoying AppSystems?

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Live Chat

Reviewer > What do you think about this one?

Admin > It's good! We should accept it.

Discord Integration

Our Discord intergrations makes your life easier!

DM Users Application Status

Auto-Ranking for Applicants

Complete Discord Logging

Optional Zaria.Me Integration



  • 1 Free Centre
  • 2 Free Application Forms (Unlimited Responses)
  • 5 Additional Team Members
  • Basic Centre Customisation
  • Access to advanced Discord Features


  • Everything in Free
  • Unlimited access to most things
  • Access to new centre features straight on release
  • Special role in our Discord Server
  • See full application history on all your owned centres
  • View all applications you have made without limit!
  • Ad-free experience
  • Custom accept/decline message
  • Create teams to manage access to view applications
  • Showing your support for AppSystems

What our users say

"Had to put in an application to join a community, Was really easy and streamlined experience. I brought up a suggestion with the owner of App Systems that might make it even better. He was quick to act and got it finished within a day. Friendly customer service and great community would highly recommend to any community in need of a service like this.


"After using AppSystems for well over a year now, I really couldn't go back to the likes of Google and Microsoft Forms. Features such as discord integration and timers really make AppSystems a pleasure to use and far more practical. Really glad we made the switch and urge other gaming communities to do the same!

Jay Metcalfe

"We've been using AppSystems for a few months now in my FiveM server and it all started because Tyler asked if we would like to partner. At first i thought this was going to be some crappy made website that dosent even work, i was completely wrong! We started using it and the reviews have been all positive, not only that but it is super helpful in doing what you want it to do. The DMing members, automatically giving roles, logging, we love it! The fact that AppSystems actually listen to their suggestions is also great. Any bugs that are found are fixed quickly and it really has been better than using Google Docs or whatever.


The Leadership Team

The Application System team are a group of skilled people who work to ensure the service you expect can be provided!

Tyler Lacey

Managing Director

Tyler Lacey

Ben Neal

Operations Director

Ben Neil



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